Revolutionizing Skin Care with RF Technology

Secret Pro RF Microneedling

Unlock the secret to healthy, youthful skin with our Secret Pro RF Microneedling Treatment. Secret PRO is the only multi-technology platform that features a fractional CO2 laser and RF microneedling for a total anti-aging solution.

While the fractional RF microneedling penetrates deeper in the skin, stimulating your body's natural collagen and elastin production. At the same time, microneedling facilitates optimal absorption and enhances the effect. The fractional CO2 laser at different settings can provide a micro peel to a fully ablative facial rejuvenation. The laser works by resurfacing the top layers of the skin to improve the skin’s tone and texture. The laser creates a smoother skin surface by making micro-channels that trigger your skin’s regenerative response. It treats a fraction of the area at a time while leaving the surrounding tissue intact, allowing the skin to heal as quickly as possible.

This advanced treatment targets wrinkles, sagging skin, large pores, and scarring to reveal smoother, firmer skin. Use this as a standalone service or combine this with our Exosome Treatment to provide yourself with the "Gold Standard", of results.

Embark on your skin transformation journey with a consultation, we will help you design a personalized treatment plan for optimal results.


Cathy K.

Makes you feel attractive even when your not sure tells you what you need and how to go about it she does amazing work I'm living proofc!

Bianca S.

I started seeing Nurse Marie in 2015 and I am amazed with the results after every visit. I am so grateful and thankful. Nurse Marie is a wonderful, lovely lady, very professional. Sweet and kind , a knowledgeable injector, the best in the field.
The staff at the clinic it is always so helpful, super friendly and very knowledgeable.
Definitely recommend her clinic!

Cassey M.

Love it! Beautiful modern atmosphere, professional service :)

Connie M.

I have this big'ol ugly scar across my lip and face. When I first came to Marie I thought I looked like Frankensteins mother. She did her magic and the scar is near unnoticeable. I love my face again